Reflecting Light

reflections of blue

I wrote two variations of this haiku.  I thought I would share the other one with you.  If you have thoughts or opinions and would like to share, I would love to hear your thoughts:

reflections of blue

under the cellophane tent

our path journeys

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012.  I made a commitment to myself to do a year of daily blogging last year, this day.  I am no longer radical about commitments, deadlines, or to-do’s, so I made the commitment with the idea that if it was no longer fun or ok to do, I would end it.  I came close to ending it in September – I lost the fun in doing it – and the creativity.  A friend encouraged me to do another day, if I could – and I did.  Week after week for a few weeks, perhaps a month, I leaned on the encouragement of others.  I would have people throughout the week say, your haiku spoke to me, and I would write for another day.  It got to be sometime in October, and my friend said, you can quit if you want, but you are almost to the end of the year.  Like a marathoner, I hit that point where I saw the goal, and the sprint began – and there was no turning back – and the enthusiasm was more than before – I was grateful.  So tomorrow is the last day of the daily commitment to myself.  I will take the pressure off of a daily post, but I will continue with the blog.  I am so grateful for the many friends I have met along this journey – wonderful writers, artists, friends, thinkers.  I am grateful for she who kept spurring me on.  I am also grateful that these words that I have written have encouraged others along their journey – and they have taken them, passing the baton of encouragement to others.  Thank you.  I have learned so much and have so much to learn – lastly I am grateful for the grace extended to me from the poetry community as I began a year ago – not really understanding haiku, haiga, or the intricacies of the art . . . I am grateful that every once in a while I catch a good one.

Blessings today as our paths journey.


13 thoughts on “Reflecting Light

  1. Like your anticipation, I no longer commit to a daily blog. Somehow the writing life becomes crowded with commitments of various kinds;gauntlets of challenge thrown at our feet daring us to pick them up and perform. Within each of them is a tool of one form or another to teach us, expand our horizons, or simply show us new aspects of ourselves. Perhaps the only commitment we truly need is the one which pushes us to do those things which help us to improve over the long-run.

    You seem to have found that one and conquered it this time. A year-long commitment like this one is major. Congratulations on sticking with it, improving, realizing the greater benefits, and discovering unexpected treasures.

      • Thanks, Kris. I always think that when we meet someone who’s made us pause, whether to ask ourselves a question or to think of an answer for one posed, we’ve grown that day.

        The working of your haiga did that for me. It made me ponder the complete meaning of the piece and envision it for myself. That’s always good.

  2. I think commiting to post each day makes it sometimes a chore, and blogging should be fun. So even if it is not every day, we will love you and enjoy your posts. Have a relaxed 2013!

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