She Flies

she flies

It is not often that you get to see an eagle and a hawk flying over downtown Lancaster.  I pulled the car over quickly as they were so low, and asked a friend to get out a take a photo…and this is what we got…they were so close, but by the time we got to take it, they already had soared.

I hope you defy gravity today…with your thoughts, desires, and beliefs…many blessings today.


Fire Of The Spirit

fire of the spirit

I really appreciate when a photo brings forth the haiku, and I think this photo did that for me.  It is always fun to experience the winter sunset as it is lower and in a place that I can watch out my window…I love the transition of colors.

I hope today you get to take in a most beautiful sight wherever you are.  I am on my way to see my niece’s graduation from college, that will be a beautiful sight.  Blessings today.

Lakeside At Dawn

lakeside at dawn

The snow geese come through Pennsylvania most often twice a year.  The greatest migration siting is in late February and early March, but in the fall there can be a much shorter stop over.  There can be upward of 80,000 snow geese in the spring with approximately 5,000 Canadian geese, and 3,000 tundra swans.  It is an amazing sight to see if you ever get a chance to visit a migration location.  I know from reading that many locations don’t like to have the migration occur in their area due to the noise and waste, but I still marvel at the noise and expanse of white.

Hope you can enjoy the moment and imagine the sound.  Have a great day.

Friends’ Friday 50

Wow, week 50…two more weeks of daily blog posts…I can’t imagine.  I was asked if I will be stopping the blog – the answer is no, but it certainly won’t be a daily event.  I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful people this year through this blog.  I have learned, hopefully grown, and continue to grow.  I realized how many of my posts were not “true” haiga”…I have gone back and started to modify some just for me…perhaps I will post those changes periodically.  It will be fun to see where this blog evolves.

Today though, I celebrate the contributions of several very faithful friends, Kris, Peg, and Bill.  You have read their poetry and haikus throughout the year, and I have spoken about them often.  A shout out and big hug of gratitude to each of you.  Keep your poetry coming we have two more Friends’ Fridays this year.

Before sharing these haiku, I just want to share that I am so sad with the families, community, and friends of all those who have lost their lives in Connecticut today…such great sadness.  Please pray and uplift  all of those who are hurting and think they can’t go on, and please continue to uplift all of those families…so sad, and so hard.

Friends Friday 50B

Friends Friday 50C

Friends' Friday 50

Waitng To Exhale

waiting to exhale

The last leaf.  Many stories have been written about the last leaf.  There is beauty in capturing the last leaf – simplicity, bittersweetness, quiet.  I did a funny thing the other day.  It was freezing cold, I hadn’t been out taking photos for awhile so I thought I would go for a drive.  For the fun of the day, I decided that I would only capture photos that I could take from the car, with my window down.  This photo was taken that way out at Blue Marsh Lake.  I suppose one would say, “The little things we do to entertain ourselves.”

I hope whether you are entering the sunny days of summer or the cold days of winter, you find a way to “entertain” yourself today with a little fun.  Blessings.

Midwinter Offering

midwinter offering

Winter Solstice sometimes know as “midwinter” when the sun reaches its most southerly point, is the shortest day of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  I took this photo the other day of some bittersweet.  Although it is invasive, it is beautiful.  The berries bring a sense of winter festivity to the barren, brown-ness of the woods.

I hope today you get a moment to stop and give thanks for the simple things around you and for the beauty in those simple things.  Many blessings today to each of you.

Hope, Prayer, Presence

hope, prayer, presence

I rarely share any drawings as they are primitive and perhaps just for me, but today I chose differently.  Coming Into Life, as I titled it was drawn a few years ago.  It might be hard to see, but the idea is about coming out of darkness, through the hallway of judgment and shame, and into the room of life, in all of its forms.  The poetry hopefully speaks for itself.

May today be a day of being in the room called life.  If it is not, and you are in the darkened room at the end of the hallway, know that there are many holding the light, waiting to walk with you when the door opens, holding you up in love, and knowing for you truth when you cannot know.  Blessings today.

The Woods

the woods

Happy Monday everyone.  I enjoy perusing the WordPress reader on a Monday – a place of inspiration for me.  As I was working this morning, I was challenged to “try a little harder” with the bringing together of this haiga.  Not sure if I accomplished it or not, but would love your feedback.

Give yourself a little extra grace this morning, it is Monday.  Smile!

Showy Storm

showy storm

So often I hear people bemoan rainy days and storms, but quite frankly, I appreciate them.  I love to sit at my desk or at my computer and gaze out at the enveloping storm and feel safe, comforted, inspired.  Storms feel like a heavy blanket of compression inviting me to settle in, be contained, and nurtured.  With that comfort, comes words, so often.  I am not sure why, but I appreciate the opportunities, and so this haiku.

It continues to be heavy laden and rainy hear today in the northeast coast of the US, so if you are where I am rest and enjoy, and if you are bathed in sunshine today, take a moment to feel the comfort of the photo of rain, rest and enjoy, and then go have a blast in the sun.



Some mijikai haiku.  I shared yesterday the concept of mijikai haiku – short or brief haiku.  I sat for a few minutes and played with the concept of willow trees in the rain yesterday…and kept writing variations.  Several of the other haiku are some that I shared on the FB site, so I thought I would share them with you.  As to the willow tree, the one that I shared on the site that I didn’t include is:


lash the earth

shakespearean rain

Friends’ Friday 49

I get really excited for Friends’ Friday because I never know what is going to happen, who is going to share, and how we are going to be blessed with their creativity.  So grateful for Kris K and Bill W.  Both of them shared their haiku this week.  Kris shared that she just had decorated a new metal tree with ornaments that spiraled as she was looking out over the rain and mist of the morning and she wrote her haiku.  Thanks Bill and Kris, as always.

This week I also wanted to take a moment and share with you an extension of friends around the world who have fun creating haiku.

Mijikai Haiku, short or brief haiku.  Ed Bremson, began a Facebook group in September of this year to provide a venue for sharing short or brief, non-traditional haiku.  This week, Ed edited/published an e-book, The Best of Mijikai Haiku 2012.  The book includes the works of 50 wonderful poets from all over the world, and I am pleased to share that I am included in the book.  I am so grateful and am hoping that more and more doors continue to open.  I encourage you to check out the Facebook group and get involved.  If you are new to haiku, read for a day or two, and then give it a try…it is that simple…Ed suggests reading the About page to learn more and then jump in.

Also another wonderful Facebook group that I participate in is NaHaiWriMo.  Again, I encourage you to join in and have some fun.  Each month a prompter is chosen who gives a new idea, word, or concept, and you write haiku as you are inspired.  Very much fun, good for practice, others sometimes comment, and it is a great learning experience.

So today, on this Friends’ Friday, I come and celebrate friends near and far with me:

Friends Friday 49

Friends Friday 49B

Winter Always Comes

winter always comes

Look closely at the photo(s)…I had fun playing in Photoshop and I thought it made a neat image.  If you look closely you will see a winter scene that I took on a snow trail when I was snowshoeing a few years ago…and the second photo is the sun coming through the pines which I took a few weeks ago…I was hoping to create a transition, and instead, it looks like there is a building in the middle on the left and a dress on the bottom right corner behind the K…too funny.

So often we say we are afraid to begin but I think more often we are afraid of continuing or failing to continue…was writing the other day about these thoughts and this haiku came forth.  Seasons, always come, change always happens even if we do nothing, and failure or the inability to continue is not good or bad, right or wrong, it just is change, or a season . . . so why not begin.

Sensing Season’s End

What a wonderful sight we had one morning recently in Delaware when we walked out into the migratory path of the snow geese.  V after V and clusterings of snow geese flew over head.  We have a lake near us, Middle Creek project that is the stopping point for the migration of snow geese.  Year after year, thousands of people come to see the thousands of snow geese as they settle in the area for a few days.  This photo was taken at Middle Creek last year, and so this haiku.

Hope today you find moments of pleasure in these busy days of changing seasons.

sensing seasons end


Earth’s Sonnet

earth's sonnet

I hope it is a light day for you – so many things are so heavy laden, that at times it all can be consuming.  May we all seek the joys in all that is and have fun in doing so, with gentleness in our spirits.  Perhaps this haiku will only make sense to me, don’t know, but that is ok, too.

Whispering Silence

Oh, the quiet of this morning walk on the lowered shores of Blue Marsh Lake, where silence whispers your name.  Hmmm.  Can you experience it?  Can you feel the cold chill sneaking through your seams, the sun forcing your lids to filter, and the silence drawing you to detect the next sound?  If so, then you are there.  Stay there, feel, and be present.  Sometimes it not necessary to take a pen.

Hope it is a great day.

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