Autumn Chill

Leaves are like clouds, I never tire of admiring the color.  One of the gifts for me in writing, is that I see the world through different eyes.  I see simple things and get to write about them.  It is like my eyes are opened to color, shapes, simple objects: a tree trunk, a bird, leaves, clouds, waves, a fence, a person sitting on a park bench, a smile.  I am grateful for this practice of writing poetry, for I see so much more.

I hope that through following this blog, you see so much more around you, as well.  I hope it is a wonderful day for you.


6 thoughts on “Autumn Chill

    • You are too funny…you can call it anything you want, and I would know you gave it thought…your haiku is cool, by the way…good third line…I get the juxtaposition. Have a good one today.

  1. Hi Kris…
    I know this isn’t a Haiku..but I wrote this about 2 yrs ago..I should tweak it but I wanted to share it with you since it is Autumn… I know it’s a rough piece but if you know me as well as I think you know what I was feeling at the time I jotted it down… 🙂

    As summer fades and passes..
    I can feel Autumn coming..
    there is an excitement all around me ..
    I can feel it in the air.

    There are vivid colors on the trees..
    leaves of orange, red and green…
    falling ..falling softly all around me..
    cascading to the ground.

    With Autumn leaves dancing all around me
    there is a crispness in the air..
    I can smell the leaves of Autumn
    the fragrance surrounds me..
    all-embracing its scent..

    I breathe in the Autumn fragrance..I close my eyes and see
    and travel back to yesterday .. the Autumn of my youth..
    only for a moment..I’m young again..and home..

    I hear the sounds of Autumn..
    the crinkling of the leaves
    the whispering of the Autumn wind
    and once again I’m here.

    • Very cool, Michele. So cool, also that you shared it, for it is in the sharing sometimes that the beauty of something grows. I could see and hear you in this poem. Would you be willing to let me share on Friday? Thanks so much for reading, writing, and sharing. Kris

  2. Thaks Kris..
    Yes, you may share it..but again, I stress it’s not my best..and proably lacks structure or format. It was something I was experiencing at the time and I wrote from my heart.. I am glad you liked it… 🙂

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