Haiku: Snow

I woke at 3:30 AM, my room was illuminated with light and it felt especially quiet – I knew it snowed.  There is something special about the quietness of snow.  I don’t know if you ever noticed that, but things seem more still, quiet, like the world is covered with a sound barrier – it is a wonderful kind of quiet that feels cozy and safe.  This is what I saw when I looked out my window in the middle of the night, and this is what I wrote…

I find snow to be so much fun.  I wish our area had more snow – I know so many people don’t feel like I do, but can you actually look at this picture and not take pleasure?  I hope it is a warm, safe, wonderful day for you, and that if you are in the area, the snow is a gift and not a burden.  Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Haiku: Snow

  1. I have a question about your haiku if I may. Are you using a more contemporary style of haiku where you are not restricted by the 5-7-5 traditional form.Also did you mean to repeat the word white in both the 1st and 3 rd lines as well. I love the photo by the way and I love snow as well . Best regards Selena Howard

    • Hi Selena…let me first say that part of the reason I started this challenge with haiku was to learn about haiku – I have been experimenting with traditional, contemporary, and even innovative haiku, and this haiku would be considered contemporary…from my understanding. I did mean to repeat the word white, because a white blanket for me has other meanings regarding healing for me. I so appreciate your asking…I am learning…I hope that you will continue to comment and assist me in my learning…thanks

      • Kris,
        Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I too am learning and have just done my first haiku trilogy.Something that for me is a huge accomplishment as I always avoided haiku’s. I had a block of some sort when it came to writing them but when a friend introduced me to writing a haibun the mental block with haiku’s disappeared and well now I enjoy both reading and writing them. I look forward to reading more and learning more in the process 🙂
        A poet friend,
        Selena Howard

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